The Average Network Marketer and NeriumAD Home Business

There have been a number of statistics collected regarding network marketing. One of them is about how many people the average network marketer recruits in their time spent with the company. This figure is just under 3, for all intents and purposes we’ll say it is 3.

NeriumAD – Ground Floor Opportunity with a Revolutionary Product – where in the world could it take you?

For those who know me you might now be thinking what’s he getting at? What I’m getting at is timing in network marketing and its role in creating success for the average network marketer.

With the average Network Marketer only recruiting 3 people success for the average person is predicated on the hotness – rapid growth of the company in order to energize people.  With a person only needing to create 3 people in Nerium AD it sure helps to create their success.

Whether you’re an average person or a heavy recruiter you need to seriously take a look at Nerium – NeriumAD over anything else.

It fact a number of so called heavy hitters are already joining Nerium.. That’s certainly a big indicator for success.

But more than that consider this. If you really want to make the big money in network marketing or any business for that matter you must have a lot of people in your organization. The more people you have the more money you will make.

Which means you can’t have people quitting. When someone quits you must replace them – it’s hard to grow any business when you keep losing customers. The number 1 reason someone quits or stops working a network marketing home business is they’re not making money. In this case because of the tremendous timing of this opportunity those getting in now have a tremendous opportunity ahead of them.

On the  other hand the opposite is true, when someone has success they not only don’t quit but they tell others, which brings in more people and expands your business.  And this is why the heavy hitter recruiters should be very interested and are in NeriumAD.

You add the element of ground floor timing to the whole equation and you have a very special and lucrative opportunity. Perhaps one of the most lucrative business opportunity either of us will ever see.

Think about the following for a minute – think about your favorite big name athlete, or musician or actor. These are typically some of the highest paid people in the world, earning in the tens of millions of dollars a year.  Now think for a minute how much would they make if only the other top people in their field paid to see them perform. I can tell you it would be just a fraction of what they make. The reason they make the really big money is because they have huge numbers of average people paying to see them perform.

The same is true of network marketing,  most people that you will ever recruit in network marketing by definition are simply average in terms of performance. However, I believe myself and my team have a strategy to enable so called average people to do much better than average.

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It’s easy to over hype something, it happens all the time. It seems every product or opportunity that comes along spouts that it’s the greatest opportunity ever.
NeriumAD though I believe will back that statement up with record growth not because of its revolutionary skincare product  along with some other intangible factors.

Here is some general information on human behavior. Let’s look at a real life example to illustrate this. When politicians raise taxes they always say it will raise more revenue. However, it never raises as much as they project and sometimes brings in less revenue than before the tax increase. The reason for this is it changes human behavior. People will tend to avoid doing the thing or buying the item that raises their taxes.

Let’s say you always go to a particular gas station to buy gas. One day the station manager says to himself I can increase my profits and income by raising my prices by 10 cents a gallon.

This I believe is much more than just a home business opportunity this could be the adventure of a lifetime. The income potential is staggering, because of the incredible ground-floor timing and revolutionary skincare product.

In addition the company as additional skincare products  due out soon.

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Expert Analysis of the NeriumAD Skincare Home Biz Op

Someone I was conversing with just yesterday was seriously considering joining a home business, however he was wondering how NeriumAD was different than other programs he had been involved with in the past.

Everyone Would Love a Home Business so Lucrative they could Vacation on the Beaches of Hawaii!

Here is what I sent him, which is a good analysis of how I view the NeriumAD Skin Care home business opportunity.

First observation – this opportunity has attracted some very high profile networkers and individuals from other companies. People like Jeff Olson who was the guiding light behind Pre-Paid Legal for many years. This is a big deal people of this caliber don’t typically leave a good gig for something they don’t think is a sure thing.

That aside it’s ground floor but without what  are the typically the big problems typically associated with a ground floor opportunity.

That in itself, just being able to stay in business isn’t what really excites me as this is much more than a ground floor opportunity with a company – this is a ground floor opportunity with a ground floor concept.

You can see more on why we believe why Nerium – NeriumAD will be so big by watching this Nerium – NeriumAD Video  – Click Here!

I understand your concerns – what I have found is that people who weren’t interested in other programs are signing up in Nerium AD I believe it will create a spirit of teamwork like I’ve never seen before.

I don’t know what’s right for you and I don’t want to talk someone into something they’re not really interested in, however, I’m putting my considerable marketing efforts behind Nerium AD because I’m betting it’s going to be huge.

Myself and my entire team are extremely motivated to helping anyone who wants to succeed in this, succeed in a big way.

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