Nerium AD Skin Care Results Video and Before – After Images

People continue to very excited about the results they are getting with the Nerium AD Anti-Aging Night Cream Skin Care product.

To see how the Nerium AD  product can work for you please watch this short 2 minute video.

Here are some more before after pictures using Nerium AD Skin Care

Before and After Pictures of People Using Nerium AD Skin Care Night Cream

Here are more Great Stories About Nerium AD

I have been in Direct Sales in beauty and skincare for years and drove a pink car!   A friend recently introduced me to Nerium AD.  When I first started using it, I was amazed that I could feel it working immediately. Through out the night I continued feeling the product’s affect on my skin. The next morning my skin was so very soft and it had such a  glow to it. This product rocks! In all my years in the beauty and skin care industry, I have never seen anything like it !!  ~Sara

My wife and I love this amazing product!  Both of us have noticed that our skin is so much smoother.  The fine lines and wrinkles are softer or have completely gone away, especially the lines on my forehead and around my eyes! Also, I’ve been putting a little of the Nerium AD cream on an age spot on my chest and it is almost gone! We tried this product hoping our skin would look younger and healthier and it has worked so much better than any other product we’ve used in the past. Based on what we’ve experienced so far, we know the longer we use it the more we’ll like it and will continue to get results with it! ~Bill & Sandy

I am seeing age spots, wrinkles and large pores on my nose going away after three weeks.  I am applying the cream to my left hand only and people can see a difference. Age spots are visible on my right hand and hardly noticeable on my left hand. I am also applying it to my throat and my upper chest area.  I  greatly damaged my skin when I was young.   I can’t wait to see what I look like after 90 days.  ~Marilyn

I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had with Nerium AD.  My skin is softer, smoother, my skin tone is so much better and the fines lines around my mouth appear to have almost gone away!  I was using 4 products and not getting any results.  Now I am using one product and my skin looks great.  ~Judy

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Nerium AD International (NeriumAD) is Now Open In Puerto Rico

As of today, Nerium is officially available for product sales and enrollments in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is our first step to building a truly global business and we couldn’t be more excited.
Nerium International is Now in Puerto Rico

Nerium™ International, LLC of Addison, TX is pleased to announce the opening of business operations in Puerto Rico as of February 1, 2012. Says Founder and CEO Jeff Olson, “Our goal from day one has been to build a global business opportunity for our leaders.”

Nerium International has enjoyed robust growth in its first five months of existence. “We have already reached financial heights that only a small percentage of companies in this industry ever realize,” says Olson. Nerium International is also the youngest company to ever be featured in Success from Home magazine.

…Nerium oleander possesses unique qualities that produce remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. This discovery led to the creation of the NeriumAD skincare product.

The direct sales industry generates $132 billion per year, and skincare is the dominant category in the industry. “Based on our initial success, and due to the revolutionary nature of NeriumAD, we look forward to future growth along the same trajectory of success we’ve enjoyed thus far.”

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