Nerium AD is Launching in Canada – Ontario, BC Pre-Enroll Now

Nerium International is excited to begin its international expansion with a Canada Pre-Application process that starts TODAY!

We are now accepting pre-enrollment applications for Brand Partner positions in Ontario and British Columbia, which will allow you and your prospects to begin putting your team together in approved Canadian provinces. That way, you will be ready to go when we officially launch in the second quarter of 2014!

For only $10 USD, Canadians will receive a marketing webpage and an Online Business Center where they can see their genealogy and access approved marketing materials. They will then have the opportunity to fully activate their Brand Partner account when the official launch is announced, at this activation time is when their “start date” for bonuses such as FSQ and iPad will begin, as well as their 60-day period in your placement suite.

Join our top team now and get access to our top internet marketing expertise and marketing course.

Go to the following page to pre-enroll – Click Here!

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