NeriumAD Skin Care Treatment in Beautiful You Magazine For a Third Time

For a product to be featured in Beautiful You Magazine is quite an achievement. However, to be featured 3 times is virtually unprecedented.
Beautiful You Magazine features Nerium

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In 2011, Nerium International launched NeriumAD® Skincare Treatment, and more recently, Nerium AD Day Cream, both of which have had tremendous success.

Nerium International is being featured in Beautiful You magazine! Beautiful You provides beauty, fitness, health, and personal development advice for people of all ages. The latest issue spotlights Nerium’s incredible products: NeriumAD, Optimera, and NeriumFirm. The magazine is packed with amazing “before-and-after” photos, inspiring success stories, and fun and informative features on the science behind great skin!

NeriumAD’s night and day creams are the result of more than ten years of scientific research and clinical testing by scientists and medical professionals, NeriumAD’s night and day creams address multiple skincare concerns at once, including the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, and aging or loose skin.


The NAE-8 extract is a patented blend, derived by combining the best of both the Nerium oleander and Aloe barbadensis plants, and has been shown to have powerful antioxidant properties. Both plants have age-defying properties on their own, and combined they work to amplify the proprietary protein blend that helps the skin appear youthful and tight.

Also check out these Nerium AD results videos:

Note: Nerium under the name Optimera is now available in  Canada and Mexico.



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