Nerium AD – EHT is Featured in the New Success at Home Magazine Again

Once again Nerium is featured in the new Success at Home Magazine. You can find it at Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million in the U.S. and Chapters/Indigo books and Presse Commerce stores in Canada. There you can check out the latest issue of Success from Home magazine featuring Nerium International’s “Billion Dollar Global Opportunity!”
Nerium AD - EHT is Featured in the New Success at Home Magazine
Even if you’re not interested in a great opportunity great opportunities don’t exist with a great product or products.

Products like:

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For sale in book stores all across the United States and Canada, this issue of Success from Home is power-packed with exciting articles about Nerium, including:

An overview of why Nerium is setting records in both the relationship marketing and anti-aging industries.
Information about our newest product launched in the U.S., EHT® Age-Defying Supplement, Mind Enhancement™ Formula.
A feature on why Nerium is on the leading edge of anti-aging and is known for being “The Science behind Great Skin.”
Information about our Nerium Ripple Foundation and how we, as a company, are focused on making people better on a global scale.

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So we would urge you to see what all the buzz is about – visit:



Nerium Optimera Day and Night Cream International Product Line for Canada

Nerium’s international product line is here! We’re proud to introduce Optimera Night and Day Cream to the world. What can Optimera do for you and your skin? Optimera is now available in all Provinces of Canada.

Watch Optimera Video on YouTube – Click Here!

Nerium’s commitment to bring science-based anti-aging products to consumers has been unrivaled, as Nerium products simply work. They are built upon real science, not marketing concepts. Hundreds of thousands of customers love Nerium products, and that will always be our focus: to bring to market science-based products that work.

Nerium Optimera Produces Real Results

Optimera’s skincare line is designed to help you reflect how young you feel inside. In short, this exceptional anti-aging product is clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging, including the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. It also significantly improves the radiance, elasticity and smooth appearance of skin.

Nerium International has discovered another exclusive ingredient. Using cutting edge plant cell duplication technology, we’re pleased to utilize the patent-pending SAL-14 extract in Optimera. Optimera also contains the botanical Bidens Pilosa and a powerful protein blend, which produce real results.

In clinical trials, 93% of participants had an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, and 97% had an improvement in the radiance of their skin.



Optimera Skincare before and after pictures

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Nerium AD Youngest Company to be Featured in Success from Home Magazine.

From a pure objective standpoint Nerium AD International looks like a sure winner as a home business opportunity.  Let’s examine what we know:
Nerium AD Youngest Company to be Featured in Success from Home Magazine.
First Nerium AD (NeriumAD) International is the youngest company to be featured in Success from Home Magazine. Largely because of the second point here.

Second only a handful of companies ever make it to a $1 million dollars a month in sales in their first year. To do it in their first 4 months is insane.

Third – The company is Founded by Jeff Olson – formerly of LegalShield (Pre-Paid Legal) and founder of the Peoples Network TPN. You don’t leave a good gig with a company like LegalShield if you don’t think the new opportunity is pretty special.
Nerium - NeriumAD Youngest Company to be Featured in Success from Home Magazine.
Fourth – The product can’t be duplicated at least within about a 10 year window. Translated you don’t have to worry about Wal-Mart carrying a similar product in a year or so and killing your business.

Fifth – They have a well respected 10 year old Bio-Tech firm doing research to continue to improve the product.

Sixth – You have an opportunity to work with and benefit from the top team in Nerium AD (NeriumAD) International. See the following blog Posts:

Mark Smith Top Distributor with LegalShield Joins Nerium AD

Larry Zimberg National Game Plan Director with Beach Body Joins Nerium AD

Nerium AD Skincare Business Opportunity Become a Brand Partner Distributor – Align Yourself with the Very Top Team in the Company.

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