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Give any environment a spa-like atmosphere with Young Living’s custom designed home diffuser. With an elegant, rosebud shape and convenient, portable size, this diffuser is easily transported between multiple rooms at home and at the office. Set an ambient mood with custom light control and 30-second intermittent and continuous diffusion settings.

Ultrasonic technology breaks down any combination of essential oils and water to activate the powerful properties of Young Living oils and release them into the air in a delicate, aromatic vapor.

When your order your diffuser, we will also provide complimentary 5-ml bottles of two of Young Living’s most popular essential oils: Tangerine and Peppermint. Note that these oils do not come with the diffusers in Premium Starter Kits.

Dimensions: 5.3in diameter x 6.7in tall


Step 1. Open the water reservoir by lifting the lid. Add room-temperature water (distilled water is recommended) into the reservoir up to the fill line. Do not exceed the fill line.

Step 2. Add 8-12 drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil into the water.

Step 3. Replace the lid to cover the water reservoir.

Step 4. Plug in the Home Diffuser and push the power switch to start diffusing.

Step 5. When water runs out, the diffuser will automatically shut off.

Step 6. Press the power switch to cycle through the three-mode setting:

  • Mode 1: Green light - Constant diffusion

  • Mode 2: Red light - 30 seconds intermittent diffusion

  • Mode 3: Off

Step 7. Press and hold the power switch for approximately 2 seconds to turn on/off the ambient LED light.

Notice: Due to the mist output of the Home Diffuser, use caution on surfaces that are sensitive to water.

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