Jeunesse Wellness Blog Info on Adult Stem Cells, DNA & Telomeres.

Did you know your DNA is damaged over a half million times everyday? (by Inflammation, toxins and more)
Did you know your telomeres help protect your DNA.

Your optimal health is determined by your cells that die and your newly created cells everyday and the health of those new cells.

Lets talk about stem cells for a minute. Stem cells can do several things:

For one example there is a lot of talk and interest in stem cells lately.
Adult stem cells – this is where all the advancements are being made.

Real quickly stem cells are made in your bone marrow and your body
typically has over 125 million of them with over 10 million circulating in your
blood stream.

Three things stem cells do.

One they love to duplicate making a copy of themselves and another type of cell
like a heart or brain cell.
Second they help the body to repair itself by producing hundreds of different growth factors.
Third they can change their structure and become a specialized cell.

So if the body is injured through trauma or some illness stem cells migrate to that
area to help repair damage.
Even with lack of injury stem cells will help replace dying cells.

Scientists studied stem cells and found that the more stem cells circulating in your blood the better the health of the individual.

So what if we could boost the production of stem cells in the bone marrow
and the numbers circulating in your blood stream? That I think you would agree
would be totally awesome.

Well guess what there is an exclusive product that does just this. Contact me for more information.

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