Jeunesse Wellness Products Are You A Life Boat to Rescue Small Business?

We can Each be a Life Boat to someone else. I urge you to reach out to people . The Corona Virus does have A Silver Lining if we look for it. -I’ve designed a system to greatly help people in this time of need – See Below. We’re here to help you, we’re here for you in these difficult times.

This blog post is not about washing your hands or social distancing. I figure you’ve  had enough of that. This is all about helping the small businesses and helping people with their financial sickness. So continue reading if this interests you.

We can Each be a Life Boat to someone else.
I can’t pretend to know what your individual circumstances are with what is going on right now,
There are a whole range of scenarios.

From people who are barely effected or even benefiting financially from what is going on. Although I would hate to benefit from the misery of others without trying to help them.
There are people very worried about their Businesses, their financial situations and more.

This message is for those people.
Do you remember Hurricane Katrina – do you remember the images of people sitting on their roof tops or in houses waiting to be rescued?

I personally feel a need to help rescue these people. I feel what I have been working on for many months now is like a life boat to rescue people and businesses affected by this virus.

However, I can only rescue so many people by myself in my boat. I would urge you to join in and help me and we can rescue so many more people.

In reality we should always look at our business as like this – that we are sending out a lifeline a rescue. We are like a lifeboat – we never know ourselves when we will need some additional source of income – I doubt that it is going to get so bad that we are going to have 25% unemployment like during the great depression, however, we should always be prepared in case of the worse.

The point is right now though there are small businesses with their doors closed for who knows how long. It could be just several more weeks a month or longer. And when they open their doors again how long will it take them to get back to 100% of the business they were doing previously?
Heck that could be a year or more.

My system for contacting these could be just the answer to prayer they are looking for.

And don’t think for a minute you are bothering them – most may welcome you reaching out to them.

Please get back to me if you’re interested in making money from home
with this system.

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